Latin Irregular Conjugation Paradigm (velle)

Principal parts for velle, to wish

volo, velle, volui.

Infinitives and Participles

Present Perfect Future
Infinitive velle voluisse -----
Participle volens ----- -----

Indicative Mood

Present Tense Imperfect Tense Future Tense
Singular Plural
1 volo volumus
2 vis vultis
3 vult volunt
Singular Plural
1 volebam volebamus
2 volebas volebatis
3 volebat volebant
Singular Plural
1 volam volemus
2 voles voletis
3 volet volent
Perfect Tense Pluperfect Tense Future Perfect Tense
Singular Plural
1 volui voluimus
2 voluisti voluistis
3 voluit voluerunt
Singular Plural
1 volueram volueramus
2 volueras volueratis
3 voluerat voluerant
Singular Plural
1 voluero voluerimus
2 volueris volueritis
3 voluerit voluerint

The ending -unt in the perfect active (3 pl) is sometimes contracted to -e.

Subjunctive Mood

Present Tense Imperfect Tense
Singular Plural
1 velim velimus
2 velis velitis
3 velit velint
Singular Plural
1 vellem vellemus
2 velles velletis
3 vellet vellent
Perfect Tense Pluperfect Tense
Singular Plural
1 voluerim voluerimus
2 volueris volueritis
3 voluerit voluerint
Singular Plural
1 voluissem voluissemus
2 voluisses voluissetis
3 voluisset voluissent

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